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Prostate Cancer Does Not Mean That You Put Your Sex Life to Bed

January 30, 2010

For nearly 50 years it was thought that it was dangerous to use testosterone in men with prostate cancer.  Doctors even used the expression that it was like adding gasoline to a fire and that the cancer would grow and spread if testosterone was given to men with prostate cancer.  Dr. Abraham Morgantaler from Harvard has clearly demonstrated that testosterone in some men with prostate cancer may be permissible.  (New England Journal of Medicine,   If men have cancer that is confined to the prostate gland that has been treated successfully either with radiation or surgical removal of the prostate gland, and that the PSA has decreased to almost zero and remains at a low level for 9-12 months after treatment, then testosterone can be given to men who have symptoms of low testosterone such as decreased libido, decreased erections, and lethargy.  The next step is to obtain a blood test to confirm that the testosterone level is below normal. However, it is imperative that men treated for prostate cancer who are going to use testosterone visit their doctor regularly for a PSA test.  If the PSA level increases, then the man must discontinue the use of testosterone.  For more information contact your physician or write to me at