Oh Where or Where Has My G-Spot Gone

When news of the Grafenberg Spot – or G-Spot as it is more commonly known was first released, physicians, and the public at large, were skeptical.  Could it possibly be true?  The discovery of a tiny spot within a woman’s vagina, when stimulated, produced orgasms that were significantly more intense than clitoral orgasms.  Since the discovery of the G-Spot in 1980 extensive research has proven that it does exist.

Most of today’s women, being more sexually curious than their mothers and grandmothers, have at least heard about the G-Spot and its exciting capabilities.  However, many are still wishing they had a map that would direct them to this illusive treasure.  The G-Spot is difficult to find.  It takes patience to locate the G-Spot.  Once located, however, there is an unlimited richness in sexual pleasure that may be derived from stimulating the G-Spot.   Women who have discovered it state that the feeling is quite indescribable but definitely worth the search!

How fortunate the human male is!  From his first experience, a man’s orgasm is usually achieved quite easily.  On the other hand, despite the fact that we live in a more enlightened society, there are many women who fail to experience even the mildest form of orgasmic release – some of whom have been involved with their partners for years and years.

Learning to relax and feel comfortable with one’s own body – and its many functions – including those that bring us intense sexual pleasure – is definitely a perquisite to achieving the G-Spot orgasm.  A woman must be willing to explore her body, or allow her partner to explore it with her – telling him as he goes what does or does not feel good to her.

Because of the location of the G-Spot within the vagina, it is often difficult to reach.  The G-Spot is located in the front part of the body:  it is usually found on the upper front wall of the vagina.   For initial exploration purposes – at least until a woman becomes comfortable with the location of her G-Spot-it may be more beneficial for the woman to manually search while she sits on the toilet.

Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly and cut and smooth the fingernail of the finger you will use to explore.  This is to ensure that you won’t accidentally scratch yourself.  Empty your bladder, and focus on all the sensations in your pelvic region as you do so.

If necessary, lubricate your middle finger with a glycerine-based (water soluble) lubricant, such as K-Y jelly.  Explore the upper front wall of the vagina, exerting firm pressure in the direction of the navel.  Don’t be afraid of pressing down on the tissue as the G-Spot is a bit beneath the surface of the vaginal wall.

What you should be feeling is slight to moderate pleasure … you will feel a special kind of sensitivity when you press on the G-Spot.  Once you’ve located the G-Spot, continue stimulating the area, keeping in mind that considerable pressure will be needed to get good sensations.  You may experience twinges or contractions of the uterus while stroking the G-Spot … this is normal as the uterus is an enlargement of this sensitive area.  The spot may begin to swell … causing the tissue to become smooth.  The Grafenberg Spot will become quite obvious, feeling much like a lima bean or an almond beneath the surface of the vaginal wall.

Most women do not reach orgasm the first time they engage in sex play – whether the sexual act is masturbatory or intercourse with their partner.  While the acts themselves many feel very good, they are not usually sufficient – the first time around – to bring the woman to orgasm and climax.  She must first learn to relax deeply enough to fully experience all the sensations and pleasures she is feeling!  In short, she must train her mind to accept what her body is experiencing as a natural, normal – and totally acceptable – part of her life!

Some women have reported that the G-spot orgasm did not seem to be any different from the clitoral orgasms they’d already experienced.  The feelings and sensations associated with the G-Spot are very different from those experienced during clitoral orgasm  Because it is highly likely that the clitoris will, in some way, be stimulated during your exploration for the G-Spot, you may wish to have a clitoral orgasm first before proceeding!  This will ensure that stimulation of the G-Spot will result in a G-Spot orgasm!

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