Pellets for Improving Your Libido or Sex Drive

Nearly 30 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence and nearly half that number have a decrease in their sex drive or libido.  However, many men believe that erectile dysfunction and diminished libido are the same thing.  It is important that men understand the difference between ED and libido.  ED is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection adequate for sexual intimacy with a partner.  Loss of libido is a decrease in the interest for sexual intimacy.  ED and loss of libido can be separate issues or can occur together as it is common for a man who suffers from ED for a prolonged period of time will also experience a decrease in libido.

What are the symptoms of decrease in libido and what are the causes of this condition?   A decrease in libido is usually a result of a decrease in the level of testosterone which is a hormone produced in a man’s testicles.  A decrease in libido is the most common symptom of testosterone deficiency.  Men with a decrease in testosterone also experience a lack of energy and often complain of lethargy.  Men with decrease in testosterone also experience a decrease in strength or endurance, lose height, fall asleep after dinner, and may even experience depression or a decreased enjoyment in life.

Now there are treatment options for low testosterone which include the insertion of testosterone pellets, Testopel, underneath the skin.  The pellets will boost the testosterone level for 4-6 months.

How is Testopel administered?

Other than the initial stick of a needle used to numb the insertion area, Testopel insertion is pain-free.

The insertion area is 3-4 inches below your beltline–approximately at the top of your rear hip pocket.

  • Each Testopel pellet is very small – about the size of a grain of rice
  • Testopel is placed just below the skin into your fat layer. Once implanted, most men have no awareness that the pellets are there.
  • The right number of pellets is based on the serum testosterone level
  • After Testopel is inserted, your doctor will close the implant site using Steri­Strips. Stitches are not needed. The area will then be bandaged and a cold compress applied.
  • Patients can return to work the same day that the pellets are inserted

The Testopel results in improvement in:

• Improved mood

• Increased sexual interest

• Restoration of erectile function

• Increased muscle mass

• Increased strength of bones

Bottom Line:  Testosterone deficiency is a very common disorder.  The diagnosis is made by a blood test that detects a low level of testosterone.  Treatment with Testopel is a very effective treatment option.

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