Vasectomy and Potency-Facts or Fiction

Does a vasectomy effect a male sex life? The straightforward answer to this question is a “No.” A vasectomy does not reduce a man’s sexual drive or his ability to have or enjoy sex. The procedure eliminates only the man’s ability to father a child…   he can still experience an erection and ejaculation as before.

This is an excellent topic for a candid discussion between husband and wife, and perhaps with the doctor of their choice. Some couples are concerned about a reduced libido or sex drive, but they may be shy about asking the question.

What they may come to discover is, once sterility is complete, they no longer need to worry about accidental pregnancy – and that lovemaking can be more spontaneous, more sensuous and more enjoyable than before.

A vasectomy does not effect the blood vessels or nerves that are part of having an erection or ejaculation. Nothing physiologically changes in that respect.

Two important cautions!

It’s important to note that a man will not be sterile immediately following a vasectomy. Talk to your doctor, who will test your semen for sperm before you can have unprotected sex. It may take up to 20 ejaculations or more and several weeks before your reproductive system is free of active sperm.

Another caution is that a vasectomy is not a protection against sexually transmitted disease (STD). If you are at risk of transmitting or acquiring an STD, you and your partner will still need the protection of a condom or other means of protection.

So what’s the difference?

Typically, the only significant difference after a vasectomy is that the sperm normally produced is missing from the semen. The glands that produce semen are not changed by a vasectomy. Sperm is such a tiny portion of the total ejaculation fluid (about 2 percent) that the change can’t be noticed. Even the color and consistency of the ejaculate are not changed.

There’s no effect on “masculinity,” either. The man’s body continues to produce hormones as before, and there is no change in any of the male characteristics such as beard or voice. Testosterone continues to be produced and released into the bloodstream. Testicles continue to manufacture sperm, but they don’t leave the body. Unused sperm are simply absorbed by the body as normally occurs with or without a vasectomy.

In Summary:

  • Talk candidly with your spouse and your doctor.
  • A vasectomy will not decrease your sex drive.
  • The procedure only eliminates your ability to father a child.
  • Sterility is not immediate; your doctor will need to test you and advise.
  • Vasectomy is no protection against sexually transmitted disease (STD).
  • You can still have an erection and ejaculate.
  • The body continues to produce hormones.

Male characteristics (voice, beard) are not affected.

Bottom Line: Vasectomy divides the vas but has no impact on a man’s potency it only creates infertility

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2 Responses to “Vasectomy and Potency-Facts or Fiction”

  1. ToddTheWetSprocket Says:

    So, a few years back my wife was having some difficulty getting pregnant, and I did a sperm analysis. She has since conceived twins, so I got a vasectomy. 4 months after vasectomy I did an analysis and my volume was down by 60% and I am still in a lot of pain and discomfort.

  2. tilakahuja Says:

    Really it’s astonishing. It is true vasectomy is the better procedure to avoid abortion. It’s presumptuous to think that what goes on daily outside hundreds of abortion providers all across the country might be what takes place when women seeking a legal medical procedure are forced to sit down with people who oppose their right to receive that procedure before they can get it?

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