Want To Live Longer With Prostate Cancer? Take Two Aspirin And Call Me In The Morning

Aspirin was linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer death as reported by Dr. Kevin Choe from University of Texas Southwestern School Of Medicine.  The study reported 5295 men with prostate cancer treated with either radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy.  The average follow up was 5 years.  They found that death attributable to prostate cancer were significantly reduced in the aspirin-taking group of men compared to the group who did not take aspirin.  The most significant reduction in death from prostate cancer was noted in men with high-risk disease, i.e., those with the highest PSA levels before treatment or the highest grade of malignancy noted on the pathology report.  The findings showed that only 2% of the high-risk patients who took aspirin died from prostate cancer compared to 8% of the men who did not take aspirin.

At 10 years the difference was even more striking: 4% mortality in the aspirin group compared to 22% in men who did not take aspirin.

Dr. Choe did not discuss how aspirin improved survival but the risk of taking aspirin is so minimal that there is very little downside to taking aspirin if you have prostate cancer.

Bottom Line:  Aspirin is an amazing drug that has a multitude of uses and many undiscovered applications.  Perhaps one of those is in the treatment of prostate cancer.


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