Couch Potato? You Are Going To Die Sooner From Prostate Cancer

Engaging in vigorous activities such as biking, tennis, jogging, or swimming for at least three hours per week may substantially improve prostate cancer survival.  A recent report from The Journal of Clinical Oncology which studied 2700 in men with prostate cancer.  Both vigorous and nonvigorous activities were associated with significantly lower overall death from all causes.  For example, men who walked 90 minutes or more per week had a nearly 50% lower risk of dying compared to men who walked for less time or less distance.  The study also pointed out that men who exercised at least three hours per week had a 60% reduction of death from prostate cancer than men who spent less than one hour per week in vigorous activity.

Bottom Line:  Get off of that couch and start exercising.  Your prostate gland will thank you!

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