Can’t Pee? It May Be Your Medications

Having the urge to urinate — and not being able to do so — is painful, as many men know.  Certain medications may make the emergency form of this condition, known as acute urinary retention, more likely.

Painful urination or difficulty urinating are listed as possible side effects of the drugs studied – sold under the names Atrovent, Combivent and Spiriva.

An article published in the prestigious Archives of Internal Medicine reported that men with chronic pulmonary or lung diseases who had just started taking inhaled anticholinergic medications, a common treatment for the breathing diseases, had 42% greater odds of developing the urinary problem than men who were not on anticholinergics.

Bottom Line: There is an association between respiratory inhaler use and urinary symptoms especially urinary retention.  This is particularly important issue in men who have enlarged prostate glands as they are at an increased risk of having the complication of urinary retention.


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