When Thongs May Be Wrong

The underwear de jure for many women is a thong. However, thongs may lead to unwanted urinary tract infections. Let me explain why. Bladder infections in many women are caused by the movement of bacteria from the rectum to the vagina and then they can’t easily gain access to the urinary tract through the short urethra which is the tube that transports urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. Wearing thongs can contribute the spread of bacteria. Thong panties can cause bladder infections and may even be a cause of very dangerous kidney infections. These conditions can be very painful for women and worsen if not treated. Thongs can also aid in the distribution of bacteria from one area to another. The small string on a thong allows the anus and vagina to be connected with each other through the small cloth the bridge on the thong. There is no separation between the two orifices which will allow fecal bacteria to get into the vagina and subsequently gain access to the lower urinary tract.
If you are at risk or have recurrent urinary tract infections, I recommend not wearing a thong. However if you insist in wearing a thong, I suggest you purchase a thong made of 100% cotton and avoid purchasing a thong made of nylon or made from spandex. Another advice for women who have urinary tract infections is not to wear the thong for prolonged periods of time and certainly do not where the thong overnight. Sleeping in a thong provides bacteria ample time for bacteria to migrate from the rectum on the string- like material to the vagina.
Bottom line: Care and attention must be practice when choosing to wear a thong. You might also consider going “commando” and going buff and not wear any panties at all. Britney Spears did!

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