Hold On, I’m Comin’! New treatment for Premature Ejaculation

Until recently there has been no medical treatment for premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual disorder in men even superseding erectile dysfunction or impotence. In the past, topical anesthetic like xylocaine jelly applied to the penis have never been shown effective for men and have provided. And the jelly rendered the female partner with numbness in her vagina and made it difficult for her to achieve enjoyment from sexual intimacy.

PROMESCENT, a topical, metered dose spray is available as an over the counter product and does not require a medication. The spray has a prompt onset of action (10 minutes) and in preliminary clinical experience the product has shown effectiveness with minimal side effects.

Simply spray 3-10 times on the head and shaft of the penis 10 minutes before intercourse. Rub the spray lotion into the skin until it is completely absorbed. Remove any excess lotion with a wet towel to avoid transfer to your partner. Dosing should not exceed 10 sprays per use. Excess numbness may cause a temporary loss of erection.

For more information I suggest you go to http://www.Promescent.com.

Bottom Line: Premature ejaculation is a common disorder affecting millions of American men and secondarily impacting their partners. Promescent is an effective treatment using a topical gel.

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5 Responses to “Hold On, I’m Comin’! New treatment for Premature Ejaculation”

  1. ethan machado Says:

    I discovered Promescent over a year ago on a referral from my Urologist and it has been as close to a miricle drug as anything can be. I tried SSRI’s and didn’t like the sde effects, tried the Stud 100’s and Mandelay and the tranference was bad for my girlfriend, I then tried the hypnosis and kegel exercises with no inprovement.

    The first time I tried Promescent it was inane how much of a difference it made. I went from 90 seconds to 4-5 minutes and now I can routinely last 10-12 minutes. I can honestly say it changed my life.

  2. etham delgado Says:

    I have used this product and it is outstanding, found it through my urologist.

  3. Wing Lam Says:

    I read this blog 3 weeks ago ordered a trial size bottle of Promescent based on the blog. I have used it twice and the results are very promising. I went from bout 90 seconds to 3-4 minutes the first time and probably a little over 5 the second time. I seem to be calming down now that I have found something that works. The trial size only had 2 doses so I am waiting for the full size bottle I ordered to arrive. Thanks Dr. Baum for taking the time to do the research and create this blog, I stumbled on it during an internet search for PE.

  4. como aguantar mas en la cama Says:

    Ok, I’ll take a look into it… great post, let’s see what promescent will do for me… thanks for sharing this

  5. Richard Says:

    My Urologist gave me sample and it made an immediate difference. I don’t know if I have clinical PE (I last 7-8 ,minutes) but my wife needs close to 15 to really orgasm hard. This bridged the gap. I like it, she loves it.

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