Coke, “It’s the Real Thing” and the Real Thing to Elevate Your Blood Pressure

Patients with hypertension may have to start watching their sugar as well as their salt. Data from more than 2,600 patients found that those with the highest intakes of sugar-sweetened beverages like soda and fruit juices seemed to have higher blood pressure readings.
The analysis showed that intake of sugar-sweetened beverages was related to blood pressure. In fact, those who drank the most sugary drinks had the highest blood pressure levels.
The associations with diastolic blood pressure were also direct, the researchers added.
The relationship was stronger among those with higher urinary sodium excretion, since higher salt intake is an important cause of high blood pressure in itself.
Interestingly, intake of diet beverages was not associated with high blood pressure, the researchers said.
It appears that empty calories from these drinks displace calories from other foods that have beneficial nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.
Bottom Line: We know that blood pressure is sensitive to the salt that is consumed in the diet. Now we have to consider the amount of sugar-sweetened beverages that patients drink especially if they have a history or are prone to hypertension.


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