Are You Inspired by Failure?

Another wonderful article by my colleague Dr. Neil Neimark

“Failure inspires winners. And failure defeats losers.”
Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The above quote makes us realize that in order to be happy in life, we must make a vital distinction between “success and failure” and “winners and losers.”

Being a winner or a loser is not really determined by success or failure at any particular event in life; it is rather a state of mind that is affected by — but not determined by — our successes or failures in life.

If we are inspired by our “failures” to try harder, learn new distinctions and reinforce our efforts, we are a winner.

If we are defeated by our failures, we are a loser.

So being a winner or a loser is a state of mind. Success and failure only provide feedback as to how we are doing.

We may not always win (succeed) in life, but we can always choose to be a winner.

This is the power of mindset.

Life may not always bring us peace and happiness, but we can always choose to be peaceful or happy. It is a choice. In fact, it is a key to lifelong happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind.

Whether the external world grants us our goals and desires or not, a winner is one who always finds and/or creates greater goodness, love, fulfillment, happiness, contribution and peace in life.

In other words, choosing to be a winner, i.e. to have the mindset of a winner, is choosing to make happiness a habit.

If we learn to be happy inside no matter what is happening outside, we have a lifelong treasure that can enrich and empower us.

Does this mean we will never feel despair, hurt, frustration or disappointment?

Of course not, these feelings are a real part of life and honestly acknowledging them is essential to true and lasting happiness. But what we choose to do with these feelings determines whether we will be a winner or a loser in life.

In his book Happiness is a Serious Issue, Dennis Prager teaches that “though things do not always turn out for the best, you can always make the best of how things turn out.”

It is this attitude, this belief, this value that will bring you the mindset of a true winner in life.


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