Signs of Good Health: Check Your Color-Your Pee and Not Your Hair!1

Sometimes we get caught up with work and neglect our health.  We don’t see the subtle signs of stress, poor performance, and deteriorating health.  There are easy signs that you look for that will help you manage your health and get you back on track.

Do a color check of your urine.  A dark urine can indicate a lack of hydration.  The opposite also holds true: the lighter the color of your urine, the better your state of hydration.  Proper hydration aids the absorption of nutrients and helps increase energy levels.  If your urine is darker than usual, the cure is simple, go to the water tap and poor yourself a big one!

Other tell-tale signs include your resting heart rate.  Before you get out of bed, take your pulse.  There are even free apps that will make this easy to do.  Usually your heart rate will stay within a few beats per minute.  However, you are overworked or experiencing too much stress, your heart rate increases to send more oxygen to your body and brain.  If your heart rate is high in the morning, get a little extra sleep and decrease the caffeine consumption.


Check your weight.  If you lose or gain more than 1% of your body weight from one day to the next, something may be wrong.  Lack of nourishment and hydration (your pee color will also help with this issue of hydration) can impair your higher-level mental functions.  Or you may have been so distracted that you failed to notice that you were over-eating.

Bottom Line:  Pay attention to your state of hydration, your pulse and your body weight.  These are easy to monitor and will help put you back on track for good health.


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