Are Your Online Medications Real or Fake–Determining If Internet Medications Are Legitimate

Are Your Online Medications Real or Fake-Determining If Internet Medications Are Legitimate

Due to the high cost of medications, many Americans are ordering their drugs on line. Doctors cannot verify the safety or quality of these online medications. Counterfeit medications kill more than 700,000 people worldwide every year.

Now there is resource to stop this epidemic. mPedigree Network offers a free call phone service to consumers to determine if a drug is legit. Shoppers can scratch (not scratch and sniff!) off a special label on drug packages, then text the serial number beneath to a hotline linked to a database of drug serial numbers. A reply text states the medication’s legitimacy and expiration date.

Bottom Line: Let the buyer beware may apply to purses, shoes, and shirts but not to your medications. You need to be sure that the medications you take are, indeed, real before submitting your healthcare to an online pharmacy.

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