An Ouch In the Pouch-Acute Scrotal Pain and What To Do About It

Perhaps the most sensitive area on a man’s body are his eyeballs located between his ears and those two jewels (testicles) located between his legs. The testicles are low hanging fruit and are easily injured or can become easily infected.

Acute scrotal pain can be a medical emergency and needs the attention of a doctor. The most common causes are testicular torsion and epididymitis.

is the technical name for twisted testicles, which happens when 
your testicles twist around the blood supply to the testicle cut off its source of oxygen. Unless this is treated within a few hours, there is a risk of losing the testicle. For this reason, men with the acute onset of testicular pain should see their doctor or go to an emergency room. The diagnosis is made by doing a scrotal ultrasound which can test the blood supply to the testis. If there is torsion, the treatment is surgery to untwist the blood supply and then secure the testicle so that a repeat torsion will not recur.

Epididymitis is 
the inflammation of the epididymis at the back of the testicle 
where the sperm is stored, as well as orchitis which is the 
inflammation and swelling of the testes. The diagnosis can be confirmed with an examination and the scrotal ultrasound to be sure there is no torsion. Treatment usually consists of anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotics.

One other benign condition that causes acute scrotal pain is “blue balls”. This a common condition in young adults and is caused by temporary fluid congestion in 
testicles as a result of prolonged sexual stimulation. Relief usually occurs when the man ejaculates and relieves the congestion in the testicles

Bottom Line: Acute scrotal pain is a serious condition and needs medical attention to be sure that the man does not have a torsion, which may result in loss of the testicle.


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