Getting It On and Having More Fun and Enjoyment In the Bedroom

Sex and intimacy is something not to be taken for granted. A wholesome sex life requires work and attention like a healthy diet, exercise, and a positve mental attidude.
In order to have a maximum enjoyment from sexual intimacy with your partner, I suggest you consider the following:

Avoid excessive alcohol. Drinking too much blunts sexual responsiveness. Shakespeare said it so well, “Alcohol may increase the desire, but decrease the performance.” Want to be powerful in the sack, deep six the sauce!

Don’t smoke. Cigarette smoking restricts blood flow throughout your body and especially to a women’s pelvis and a man’s penis. Less blood reaches your sexual organs, which means you could experience decreased sexual arousal and orgasmic response. If you are looking for a reason to part with puffers, your sex life could be the ultimate motivator.

Be physically active. Regular aerobic exercise increases your stamina, improves your body image and elevates your mood. This can help you feel more romantic, more often. Get your heart rate up and get your erections and orgasms up as well

Make time for leisure and relaxation. Learn ways to decrease stress, and allow yourself to relax amid the stresses of your daily life. Being relaxed can enhance your ability to focus on your sexual experiences and may help you attain more satisfying arousal and orgasm.

Bottom Line: Sex and intimacy are not necessary natural and forever. Sex takes time, patience, and a healthy life style. So be healthy, be active and, yes, be sexy!

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