Getting Tighter “Down There”-Kegel Exercises Improve Vaginal Tone

Have you just had a baby and find that you are lossy goosey down there? If so you might want to consider doing regular Kegel exercises to tighten the tone of your vagina.

Two ultrasound studies of women who exercised their vaginal muscles did find that their muscles were thicker and stronger after pelvic floor muscle training. Among women with urine leakage, their thinner muscles became the thickness of healthy women’s pelvic floor muscles. Additionally, they had less urine leakage — whether the problem was from stress or urge types of incontinence.

The use of vaginal cones and/or Kegel exercises to increase muscle strength were both found to improve tone and decrease urine loss. While some of these studies did not measure vaginal tightness per se, when muscle bulk is increased, a woman can voluntarily contract those muscles to make the vaginal opening tighter.

Bottom Line: Kegel exercises will not only help with the problem of urinary incontinence but will make women tighter “down there”

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One Response to “Getting Tighter “Down There”-Kegel Exercises Improve Vaginal Tone”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I usually perform my kegel routines first thing at dawn, that way they’re finished.

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