Male Hormone Deficiency-You Don’t Need To Wind Down When You Grow Older

Testosterone Deficiency

Don’t Wind Down With Hormone Deficiency

A decrease in the serum testosterone level may not be an inevitable part of aging but instead could be due to changes in smoking habits, body size, mental health status and chronic cardiovascular disease. And men who have declines in testosterone levels are more likely to be does to become obese, had stopped smoking, were depressed, or had persistent or new onset of heart disease.

It is also of interest that unmarried men had a significantly greater decline in testosterone levels compared to married man.

Bottom line: Testosterone deficiency can be a marker of underlying disease. Therefore, it is necessary if you are having the symptoms of low testosterone which include loss of energy, loss of muscle mass, and decreased libido, you should consider seeing your physician and being evaluated for these other comorbid conditions.

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