Hot Flashes? Exercise Your Way To Calm The Fire

Hot flashes are one of the most disturbing aspects of menopause.  It makes women uncomfortable and can wreck havoc on their lives.  This blog will describe how exercise can cool the hot flash. 

Increased energy and a fit body are just a few of the benefits of exercising. There is another advantage of working out for women. For menopausal women who exercise, they experience fewer hot flashes in the 24 hours after physical activity.

Women who are inactive or obese are more likely to have a higher risk for hot flashes.

The study subjects were between the ages of 40 to 59 years old, had an average of two children, and were not participants in hormone therapy. The researchers organized the women into normal weight and overweight/obese categories as well as higher fit and lower fit categories for analysis purposes. These categories were not mutually exclusive.

Women in a study at Penn State had fewer hot flash symptoms following exercise. As well, women who were identified as overweight, had a lower level of fitness, or experienced more frequent or more intense hot flashes, sensed the smallest reduction in symptoms.

Bottom Line:  Becoming and staying active on a regular basis as part of your lifestyle is the best way to ensure healthy aging and well being, regardless of whether you experience hot flashes or not.

The findings are published in the current issue of Menopause.

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