Trouble Getting An Erection?-Your Waist Size May Be The Cause

Obesity May Contribute To Your ED

Obesity May Contribute To Your ED

For the first time in a comprehensive way, researchers have associated obesity in men, particularly large waist circumference (WC), with sexual dysfunction.

A study from Cornell College in New York divided men into 3 groups based on WCs of less <36 inches; 36 – 39 inches;  and more 39 to determine whether WC could be a simple measure  to predict erectile dysfunction or impotence.

The prevalence of ED increased from 32.1% to 74.5% as WC increased.

 The findings demonstrate that obesity in men — part of a growing global epidemic — affects their well-being in profound ways.  What we eat can have devastating consequences on more than just our hearts. Quality of life issues, such as sexual health, can be affected as well.

Bottom Line:  Waist circumference may represent an easy diagnostic tool to identify men who are at risk for erectile dysfunction or impotence.  If your waist size reflects obesity, you have just found another reason to go on a diet. Also, if you want to see your penis become longer, lose a few pounds and it will “appear” to grow longer and you’ll see your toes once again!

BJUI. 2012;110:540-545. Abstract

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