A Little Dab Will Do Ya-Use of Testosterone Gel For Low Testosterone Levels

Influence of Testosterone

Influence of Testosterone

Most men who have symptoms of low testosterone levels such as decreased libido (sex drive), erectile dysfunction, lethargy, and loss of muscle mass who used testosterone gel every day had their testosterone levels restored to normal and experienced benefits over time. These benefits included:
• Improvement in energy, sexual desire, sexual function, and mood within 1 month
• More muscle mass and decreased body fat within 3 months
• Increased bone strength within 6 months in patients receiving 10 grams of AndroGel daily
However, once you stop using testosterone gel, it is likely your testosterone levels will fall below normal in just 5 days and your symptoms may come back.

Your Goal with Treatment
Low testosterone is a medical condition that likely won’t go away on its own. There is typically no cure for low testosterone levels. The goal of treating low testosterone is to raise your blood level of testosterone and to keep the level in a normal range. Once your testosterone reaches a normal level and remains there, symptom relief may follow.


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