Worried About Prostate Cancer? Then Get Moving

Prostate cancer affects 250,000 men every year and is the second most common cause of death in men following lung cancer. If you have a relative with prostate cancer such as a father, brother, uncle or cousin and\or you are African American, you have a greater risk of developing prostate cancer. The diagnosis is made by a digital rectal exam and a prostate specific antigen or PSA blood test.

A report from the May Clinic (2013;88:11-21) pointed out that men who lead a sedentary life style or who have low levels of physical activity are more likely to have an elevated PSA test. For each hour increase in physical exercise, men are nearly 20% less likely to have an elevated PSA test.

Regular physical activity may reduce prostate cancer risk through changes in energy balance, enhanced immune function, decrease in inflammation, and an increase in anti-oxidant defenses.

Bottom Line: No one knows what exactly causes prostate cancer but it is possible that an increase in physical activity may decrease the PSA level and possibly decrease the risk of prostate cancer.

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