Pelvic Pain-May Be Caused By Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills With Estrogen

Birth Control Pills With Estrogen

Low-dose oral contraceptives might increase the incidence of chronic pelvic pain in young women, especially during sexual climax, a new study suggests. This is a side effect that is not discussed and is not in the package insert.
Current oral contraceptives contain very low-dose estrogen, which causes changes in serum estradiol, free testosterone levels, hormonal receptors, and vulvar mucosa. The researchers hypothesized that this could result in pelvic pain.

Low-dose estrogen users were significantly more likely to meet the criteria for a diagnosis of chronic pelvic pain than nonusers.

Bottom Line: If you have chronic pelvic pain and are using low dose estrogen birth control pills, you may want to speak to your doctor about changing your medication to a birth control pill that does not contain low estrogen.


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