Shocking New Treatment For Impotence-Shock Waves Found Effective In Treating ED

Shock wave has been successfully used for over twenty years for the treatment of kidney stones. Now a modified shock wave has been used to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction.

A study of twenty men with an average of 50 and who had ED for more than three years were selected to participate. The men had ED on the basis of cardiovascular disease. The treatment consists of using low-intensity shock waves twice a week for three weeks. The men were tested one month later and 15 of the 20 men had significant improvement in their ability to engage in sexual intimacy with their partner.

The men were found to have an increased in blood flow to the penis when comparing the pre-treatment to the post treatment period.

Bottom Line: Yes, drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are effective in the treatment of ED however they only work when the man consumes the medication. Shock waves may be therapeutic and may result in such significant improvement that the man once treated no longer needs to take any medication for his ED. Stay tuned as shock wave to the penis may be just what the doctor orders!


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