No More Dirty Ol’ Men-Testosterone May Just Be The Answer

Testosterone, the hormone made in a man’s testicles declines with age. The symptoms of low testosterone include lethargy, falling asleep after meals, irritability, loss of sex drive or libido, and loss of muscle mass. Most of these symptoms can be reversed by hormone replacement therapy.

Men over age 65 who have a low testosterone level and symptoms of low testosterone have shown marked improvement in their symptoms with testosterone replacement therapy. Older men who receive testosterone replacement have reported a decrease in their waist circumference, a decrease in their blood pressure and a decrease the total cholesterol level.
Testosterone replacement therapy can be administered by an injection every 7-14 days, daily application of a gel to the skin each morning, or the insertion of testosterone pellets under the skin using a local anesthetic. These pellets will last 4-6 months and need to have follow up pellets 2-3 times a year.

Bottom Line: Testosterone replacement therapy is effective in older men and helps them restore their energy level, their libido or sex drive, and improve their cardiovascular health.

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