Treating Premature Ejaculation With Kegel Exercises

Historically Kegel exercises have been used by women for the treatment of urinary incontinence.  Kegel exercises can be performed by both men and women to strengthen the pelvic area, but men who are experiencing premature ejaculation can perform Kegels to delay ejaculation and enjoy a better sexual experience. 


What Are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises are a set of pelvic floor exercises that help men maintain penile fitness.  Men who are interested in ejaculating with force and better control can learn to control their pelvic and Kegel muscles by squeezing them gently while they have an erection.  Controlling ejaculation, erections and orgasms can be a challenging process, but men who are disciplined enough to strengthen their Kegel muscles can learn how to control their ejaculation and enjoy a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Reverse Kegels are a special type of Kegel exercises that help men maintain a longer erection and enjoy a more intense orgasm and gain control of the ejaculation process. These exercises are most suitable or men who are dealing with premature ejaculation.


Performing Kegel Exercises For Men

Find a quiet and private place to practice your reverse kegels.  You’ll need to take your time when you first begin.  You’ll need to settle into a place without any interruptions.  Then, you will need to:

1.  Relax the penile area completely and clear your mind of tension and anxiety.  You want to be calm and relaxed so that the blood can flow into your penis.

2.  Begin contracting the penile muscles.  Focus on contracting the muscles near the front of your penis while keeping the rest of the pelvic area as relaxed as possible.  The goal is to make your penis become stronger and more erect without actually having an erection.

3.  Breathe deeply and slowly as you push out the muscles in the penile area and maintain focus on strengthening only the top and lower end of the penis.  Take note of how relaxed and loose the muscles directly under your penis are.

4.  Let go of the contraction and breathe more deeply as you exhale.  Let your penis relax, then take another deep breath and contract again.  Make sure you are only focusing on the front of your penis; push out, hold for a few seconds, then relax the muscles.

5.  Repeat the cycle for at least 10-15 times per session so that you feel comfortable with the movement.  The entire process will feel awkward at first, but it’s very important to focus on relaxation and keeping the muscles as loose as possible outside of the contractions.  You can work your way up to 40-50 exercises per session as your penis becomes stronger.

Other Information About Reverse Kegels

Kegel exercises can take time to master, but it’s important to practice them at least a few times per week to learn the best technique that works for you.  You will need to relax the entire penile area in order to let the blood flow naturally before beginning the exercises.  It’s important to focus on being very calm and relaxed so that there is no tension or stress built up in the area; after a few days of successfully performing the exercises, you’ll feel that the area is much looser, stronger and you have a much better sense of control of the ejaculation and erection process.

Other Benefits of Kegel Exercises

Most people undertake Kegel exercises for a more satisfying sex life; when a partner can maintain a longer erection, the act of love making can be a more sensual and satisfying experience.   Kegel exercises may also give men more confidence in the bedroom.  Performing Kegel exercises regularly may also reduce the risk of prostate cancer in some men; an unhealthy prostate typically results from a poor diet and inefficient circulation in the penile area.  Kegel exercises can help to keep the prostate healthy and performing at its optimal level.


Bottom Line: Premature ejaculation is a common problem affecting many sexually active men.  Kegel exercises are a non-invasive, non-medical solution.  It’s inexpensive, can be done almost anywhere and does have favorable results. 

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