Dry Mouth and Dry Bladder-Treating Overactive Bladder Without The Dry Mouth

Many of my patients use medication to calm the overactive bladder. One of the common side effects of these medications is the accompanying dry mouth. Now there is a new formulation that helps control the problem of dry mouth associated with the use of these medications such as Ditropan, Detrol, Toviaz, Enablex, and Sanctura. The new oral spray, or Aquoral, is available with a prescription and significantly improves the problem of dry mouth, chewing difficulties because of lack of saliva, and swallowing difficulties. The spray is also helpful with difficulties in swallowing, speech, and changes in taste that may occur with the use of these medications.

The spray comes in a nonaerosol, pump activated, delivery system and each applications lasts for 3-4 hours. Most people use the spray three to four times a day. I suggest you use the medication after breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime. The spray is spread around the mouth with the aid of the tongue. One spray bottle will last 6-8 weeks and provides nearly 400 sprays.

The spray bottle is available by prescription.

To my knowledge there are no side effects associated with the use of this spray. There are no interactions with any other medications.

Bottom Line: Aquoral is a spray formulation used to treat dry mouth associated with drugs used in the management of overactive bladder.


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