Low T May Be the Cause of Your ED (erectile dysfunction)

More than 14 million American men suffer from low testosterone levels. It is a normal consequence of aging just as menopause and low estrogen is a normal biological response in women.

Testosterone drives desire and the ability to have erections.

Levels drop naturally with age — by 75, a man’s levels may be half of what they were when he was 20 — but they vary widely with the individual, and experts believe low testosterone only rarely causes erectile dysfunction.

If you suffer from lack of energy, low sexual desire, falling asleep after meals and loss of muscle mass, you might consider asking your doctor to check your T levels— this involves a blood test.

A reading of greater than 300 ng\dl is considered normal, and below 300 is considered low.

If low, your doctor might offer you testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in the form of a topical gel applied to the skin, injections or pellets inserted under the skin every 4-6 months.

Bottom Line: Low T is a normal part of the aging process. If you have a low T level and have symptoms of low T, speak to your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy.

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