Non-Medical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

I am often asked if there are any non-medical treatments for erectile dysfunction.  These are a few suggestions that are not scientifically proven but have been anecdotally reported as helpful.


Studies show this amino acid can improve erections by boosting the production of nitric oxide, a natural chemical that dilates blood vessels to the penis. I suggest 750mg three to four times a day.

Vitamin D3

This nutrient is linked with the production of testosterone in men. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for libido or sex drive. I recommend patients have their vitamin D levels checked and take supplements if they are deficient.


This is an herb, which comes from the bark of an evergreen African tree and is thought to work by increasing blood flow to the penis.

GinkGo Biloba

This extract from the leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree is used for circulation problems, low energy levels and fatigue. GinkGo biloba is thought to relax blood vessels while simultaneously improving sluggish circulation. Other studies that compared it with a placebo have found it helped treat sexual dysfunction and impotence in men.


Known as the male remedy in China, there is evidence to suggest this herb can reduce stress by helping to mop up the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The recommended dosage is 150mg three times a day.

ED is a common problem affecting millions of American men.  There are some non medical treatments that may improve your erections without the necessity of taking medications.

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