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The Power of Poop-You Won’t Believe This New Treatment For Many Diseases-It May Just Scare the Sh#@ Out Of You

June 26, 2011

Throughout civilization, human feces has posed considerable health hazards; when it gets into the water supply, for instance, a lot of bad things can happen. But in recent years, a variety of medical researchers, many of them gastroenterologists, have pushed for a greater understanding of poop, and have made some startling discoveries. It is possible that many medical illnesses — from intestinal problems to obesity to disorders like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and perhaps even cancer — are related to bacteria in our colons. Now read this: the solution therefore may lie in transplanting healthy bacteria from a normal person into a sick person. This procedure, fecal transplant, was developed by a gastroenterologist in Sidney, Australia. A fecal transplant consists of taking the stool from a healthy person, mixing it with a saline solution, and inserting it into the colon of an ill person. Fecal matter is now much more than solid waste. We now know that it is largest organ of the body. It contains about nine times more living bacteria than the body contains human cells. So, in a manner of speaking, we are 10 percent human and 90 percent poop. Bacteria are capable of producing antibiotics. An example is penicillin, which was discovered when Alexander Fleming saw that some bacteria caused other bacteria to stop growing. When the stools infected with a bad bug or bacteria and causes an illness, the bacterial flora may be altered and stop producing antibodies. Using another person’s normal bacteria and return the bacterial flora to normal and resume making the good antibiotics. Bottom Line: All that stinks is not all bad. Healthy fecal bacteria may be helpful in treating various disease states such as ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, constipation, and maybe even multiple sclerosis.