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This Will Make You Happy

October 2, 2011

Another post from my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Neil Neimark

A Master once dreamed he was in paradise.

He entered a room and saw a bunch of older men and women sitting at a table just talking and reading. He was disappointed that this was all there was.

He thought, “there must be more than this?”

Just then, he heard a bellowing voice from the heavens calling, “You are mistaken my friend, if you think these people are in paradise. It is paradise that is in them.”

Cultivating positive attitudes and beliefs is the process whereby we begin to plant the seeds of paradise within us.

Seeking happiness only outside of us will never lead us to inner happiness.


Because happiness is an inside-out job.

Psychologist Nancy Wassan teaches that “the inner life is always reflected in the outer life.”

If we have not cultivated happiness within us, it will never be lastingly reflected in the world outside of us.

Choosing and cultivating positive attitudes and beliefs is the only way to lasting inner happiness.

The world has enough pain, loss and difficulty to keep all of us sad, bitter and hurt for a lifetime.

The world also has enough hope, love and renewal to bring us a full measure of joy, happiness and fulfillment – even in the midst of life’s inevitable sorrows and losses.

Till next time, be well. In body and soul,

Neil F. Neimark, M.D.