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Help For Women With Overactive Bladder-Now Available Without a Prescription

January 27, 2013
Oxytrol Patch For Overactive Bladder

Oxytrol Patch For Overactive Bladder

Millions of women suffer from overactive bladder-when you gotta go right now! In the past there are prescription medications used to make women more comfortable. Now the FDA has approved Oxytrol for Women, the first over-the-counter treatment for overactive bladder.

The condition affects more than 20 million American women, according to Merck, the drug’s manufacturer.
It will still only be available in prescription form for men.

Oxytrol helps relax the overactive bladder muscle that leads to symptoms such as the sudden need to urinate and leaking of urine.
Oxytrol for Women is in the form of a patch, applied to the skin every four days, Merck says.

It is expected to hit store shelves by the fall.

Oxytrol in pill form by prescription will still be available. Oxytrol for Women contains oxybutynin, a drug that helps to relax the bladder muscle. It belongs to a class of drug called anticholinergics. It is the first of this class to go over-the-counter for overactive bladder treatment.
Among side effects reported in the studies were skin irritation at the site of the patch, constipation, and dry mouth. Most women who develop overactive bladder are 45 to 60 years old. Many do not seek professional medical help due to embarrassment.

Many women who suffer with bladder problems wait on average seven years before seeking treatment.

Bottom Line: If you are using the restroom more than 8 times a day or three times a night, see your doctor or at least try over the counter Oxytrol.