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Natural Remedies For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

January 14, 2015

Lots of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) have issues talking about their problem with their doctors. Because of this issue between patients and doctors, it is a strong curiosity in complementary, alternative medicine also known as CAM therapies for ED. Sadly, there is more than unhappy evidence to support the use of many CAM therapies for ED. Furthermore, some CAM therapies are really working or some may actually be harmful for men health.

Many male enhancement pills or treatments have been tested to see if they have a positive outcome. Nevertheless, the conclusion of these studies has been low. Evidence for these ED treatments is limited and many of these male enchantments pills have risks. These risks may not yet be fully known. CAM therapies and all ED drugs, like other treatment options, must always be used only approved by your healthcare provider.

Several studies have suggested that Panax Ginseng (Korean Red Ginseng) may be able to help men with ED. Panax Ginseng is dangerous to diabetics because this perennial plant is causing low blood sugar. Another herb used as naturally treatment for erectile dysfunction is ginko. Ginkgo is a great herb which was applied medicinally for hundreds of years to treat a variety of conditions. It has been reviewed as a possible ED treatment in many studies. This ED supplement is supposed to be able to increase penile blood flow. Ginko can increase bleeding risk potential and it is not suggested to be used by people using blood thinners.

There is some proof that the bark from the yohimbe tree might aid in ED. Yohimbe’s bark contains a substance known as yohimbine, and has been frequently used in Africa as a sexual enhancement. At this time, a medication form of yohimbine (known as yohimbine hydrochloride) is being studied to reduce erectile dysfunction in men. Nevertheless, it may trigger side effects, including tremors, anxiety or high blood pressure.

L-arginine is an amino acid that is found in certain foods. It is essential for nitrous oxide (NO) synthesis. Beneficial NO synthesis is essential for erectile function. Recent studies show that Larginine improves penis blood circulation simply by relaxing muscles and blood vessels. Viagra and equivalent pills work by modifying NO levels. There is different evidence that L-arginine pills may be qualified to aid with ED. These studies have discovered positive results, while other reports in the medical literature have reported negative results regarding impotence issues.

Bottom Line: Erectile dysfunction ED is a common problem that impacts the lives of so many men and has an impact on their partners as well. Many men received unsolicited E mails and regular mail promises of miraculous solutions for their ED. I suggest that you contact your physician before ordering such pie-in-the-sky cures for ED.

Loss of Libido-Finding It Without Medication

November 17, 2012

Many men are experiencing a decrease in their libido or sex drive. The symptoms consist of more than just a loss of libido. Men may also have decreased energy, falls asleep after the evening meal, and may loss muscle and bone mass. There some suggestions that men can follow to boost their testosterone level without the necessity of taking medications or testosterone replacement therapy.

10: Drink in Moderation
One alcoholic drink can lubricate a nervous first-date situation. By reducing anxiety and stress one drink can help get you in the mood for sex. But beware, alcohol is a depressant, too much booze and you can end up with quite the opposite problem.

9: Try Aphrodisiacs
There is no magic love potion but aphrodisiacs can be fun. Often they are foods that look sexually suggestive like asparagus. Others, like oysters, gain their love-inducing reputation by containing antioxidants and trace elements necessary for good sexual functioning. For example, oysters are packed with zinc, a mineral central to fertility and good prostate health.

8: Stop Smoking
It’s well known that smoking can have a terrible affect on blood flow to the sexual organs as it causes the blood vessels to narrow. It also saps your stamina and most people don’t like kissing an ashtray.

7: Keep Fit
Moderate regular exercise will help improve blood flow to the sexual organs. In addition, exercise helps you feel good about yourself. Anything that improves self-esteem will improve libido.

6: Lose Weight
Being overweight can affect not only your self-esteem and your feelings of sexuality but you’re likely to suffer from blood vessel disease which can reduce essential blood flow to the genitals.

5: Eat the Right Things
If your body becomes frail due to bad health, sex invariably suffers. Five to nine fruits and vegetables a day can provide the cornerstone to your health. The vitamins and antioxidants will help maintain good blood flow to the sex organs and prevent certain chronic diseases.

4: Massage
Massage techniques can do wonders for sexual arousal particularly if you’re stressed, worried or angry. Prepare the room with soft lighting and soothing music then start with a back massage.

3: Yohimbine
Long used in Africa as an aphrodisiac and often called natural Viagra, yohimbine is thought to improve male impotence although clinical trials have been disappointing. There is little evidence that it works for women.

2: Gingko Biloba
This herbal remedy made from the leaves of the gingko biloba tree, is known to improve blood flow to the brain and sexual organs. It is thought to have an enhancing effect upon desire, excitement and orgasm.

1: Feel Good About Yourself
Nothing reduces your interest in sex more than low self-esteem. Spoil yourself when you’re feeling down and take some time to relax or do an activity that makes you feel better within yourself.

Bottom Line: Loss of libido is just one aspect of erectile dysfunction. The diagnosis is easily made with a simple blood test to measure the serum testosterone level. If the above suggestions do not work, you may want to consider hormone replacement therapy with testosterone injections, topical gels, or the new pellets that can be inserted under the skin and provides a normal blood level for 4-6 months.