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The Real Skinny On PSA Testing For Prostate Cancer

July 4, 2010

There are nearly 30,000 deaths due to prostate cancer each year in the United States.  To put that number in perspective that’s half the capacity of the Super Dome in New Orleans (home to the New Orleans Saints!)  However, if prostate cancer is detected early, it is curable.  Recently, PSA testing has come under controversy.  Researches from Sweden compared PSA screening vs. no screening and concluded that screening does, indeed, cut the deaths due to prostate cancer.

The researches concluded:

.Prostate cancer was diagnosed in 11.4% of the screening group vs. 7.2% of the control group.

.Among men with detected prostate cancer in the screening group, 78.7% were diagnosed as a result of enrolling in the study.

.Cancers were detected on average earlier in the screening group

The Bottom Line: The findings suggest the benefits of prostate cancer screening can outweigh the risks.  My suggestion is that all men over age 50 should be tested annually.