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Low Testosterone May Be Risk Factor for Prostate Cancer

August 7, 2015

For many years it has been thought that testosterone fuels prostate cancer and should be avoided at all costs regardless of a man’s symptoms of low libido, lack of energy and a decrease in muscle mass, just to name a few of the symptoms of low T.
Low testosterone levels predict an increased likelihood of high-grade prostate cancer being found as a result of a prostate biopsy.

A South Korean team studied 681 men who underwent an initial 12-core transrectal prostate biopsy. Of these, 86 had low testosterone levels (less than 300 ng/dL) and 143 had normal levels (300 ng/dL or higher). In addition, 143 men had a positive biopsy and 99 had high-grade prostate cancer.

Compared with a normal testosterone level, a low testosterone level was not significantly associated with a prostate cancer diagnosis overall, but it was associated with a significant 2.1 times increased risk for high-grade prostate cancer.

Bottom Line: Low testosterone level is an independent risk factor for high-grade prostate cancer detection at biopsy. Therefore, checking testosterone levels could help to determine whether prostate biopsy should be carried out.
Park J et al. BJU Int. 2015;doi:10.1111/bju.13206.