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There’s More To Testosterone Replacement Than Meets the Eye

February 9, 2017

Today, it is very common for middle aged men to have symptoms of low testosterone.  Many times these men will complain of decreased libido and decrease in their erections.  The treatment is hormone replacement therapy.  In addition to improving your libido, there are other advantages to hormone replacement therapy.  This blog will discuss the other benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

Breast Formation. Male breast formation, also known as gynecomastia, is a source of anxiety for most men when they start to sprout. Men can form breasts during infancy, adolescence, old age, or anywhere in between. It all start with lowered testosterone and increased estrogen levels. Male breasts can be reduced or removed through gynecomastia surgery, but in other cases a simple adjustment of body sex hormone levels may be enough to provide the change desired.

Bone Density. Men start to lose bone mass as testosterone levels go south.  The same thing happens to women (though by a different mechanism), and typically starts to be noticed during old age. However, the groundwork for bone strength  starts in young adulthood, when your body starts to store calcium that will last for the rest of your life. If you don’t have sufficient testosterone, you can’t form bones that are strong enough to last until you die. Get tested for testosterone now to learn about how your health will be as you age.

Libido and Sexual Development. Testosterone has an enormous impact on secondary sex characteristics like body hair, but it’s absolutely central to sexual desire and performance. If you are having trouble with sexual intimacy, you may need to get checked for testosterone. Many men have seen improvement that changes their lives for the better after getting testosterone replacement therapy, without ever having to resort to pills for erections like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis.

Red Blood Cell Formation. Red blood cells are necessary for oxygen transportation in the body.  Testosterone increases the red blood cell production.  However, it is important to check the red blood cell count every 4-6 months if you are using testosterone replacement therapy as too high a level of red blood cells can be harmful.  Therefore, it is imperative to have a testosterone level, a PSA test (a screening test for prostate cancer), and a red blood cell count on a regular basis if you are using testosterone replacement options.

Bottom Line:  If you are middle age and complain of lethargy, weakness, loss of muscle mass, and alternation of your moods, then you may have testosterone deficiency.  The diagnosis is easily made with a simple blood test.  Treatment consists of injections, topical gels, patches and even small rice-sized pellets inserted under the skin.  For more information speak to your doctor.

Good Health and Good Posture

September 8, 2014

As physicians, we talk or are supposed to counsel patients about exercise and smoking cessation. That’s a given. But do we talk to patients and do we, as physicians, practice good posture? Poor posture can be the source of so many maladies and is one problem that is reasonably easy to fix. Developing good posture is much easier than a diet and a smoking cessation program. This blog will discuss the importance of good posture and how we can improve our own posture and the posture of our patients.

Good Posture…just how important is it? 
Posture ranks right up at the top of the list when you are talking about good health. It is as important as eating right, exercising, getting a good night’s sleep and avoiding potentially harmful substances like alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Good posture is a way of reducing stress and fatigue.

The good news is that most everyone can avoid the problems caused by bad posture…and you can make improvements at any age.

Why Good Posture is Good Health

We’re a health conscious society today and good posture is a part of it. Even for younger people, how you carry yourself when working, relaxing or playing can have big effects. Poor posture can result in lethargy and poor performance at work.

Today, posture-related problems are increasing for two reasons:
1. As we become a society that watches more television than any previous generation, this often leads to poor posture
2. As we become a more electronic society with more and more people working at sedentary desk jobs or sitting in front of computer terminals, we are at risk for improper posture

Suggestions For Good Posture
1. Control your weight. Strive for a BMI <25.
2. Develop a regular program of exercise – regular exercise keeps you flexible and helps strengthen your muscles to support proper posture and
3. Be conscious of your work place – Raise your computer screen to eye level so you are looking straight ahead and not with your head down putting a strain on your neck and back. Then get up from your chair every hour and stretch if you sit at a computer for long periods

Bottom line: Of course a healthy lifestyle includes proper nutrition, a regular exercise program, moderate use of alcohol, no use of tobacco or tobacco products, and I am suggesting that good posture also be added to that list.

Any woman, no matter what her age, can help reduce the sag in her breasts by nearly 50% by simply standing tall.
Improving your posture