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Urinating at Night? Don’t Suffer Incontinence In Silence

November 3, 2013

Getting up at night to urinate, i.e., nocturia, more than you would like? If so, this article will help you control that problem and provide you with a good nights sleep. Nocturnal polyuria (NP) has a high prevalence among older adults and is commonly encountered in nursing homes. The condition can cause nocturia or nocturnal incontinence (ie, involuntary discharge of urine at night), both of which are highly bothersome problems. Although these conditions are prevalent in nursing homes, little research has focused on how they may impact quality of life among nursing home residents.
The prevalence of NP within the study population of nursing home patients was 84%. Of the individuals with NP, 17 (37%) reported nocturnal incontinence.
Based on these findings, the investigators surmised that nocturnal hormonal imbalances might contribute to the increased urine volume in these residents.

Bottom Line: Nursing hone patients have an increased incidence of incontinence and can significantly increase the residents of the nursing home quality of life. Many of these patients can be helped with medication or with behavior therapy

Getting Up At Night to Pee May be Hazardous to Your Health

July 25, 2010

Nocturia or getting up at night to urinate is associated with an increased risk of death.  Both men and women who get up at night to urinate are at increased risk of dying compared to men and women who don’t have to get up at night to urinate.  Also, it has been shown that the more a man or women gets up at night to urinate, the greater the risk or dying.  Although the exact mechanism is not known, it may be related to sleep deprivation, which may have an adverse effect on metabolic function leading to obesity and diabetes both of which are known risk factors for mortality or dying.

Bottom Line: If you are getting up at night to urinate, see your doctor as testing can identify the cause and treatment can be started to cure or to certainly decrease the number of times you get up to go to the bathroom.