Deciding Upon the Prime Cut- The Circumcision Decision

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No descriptor required!

Parents often ruminate about the decision to circumcise their young baby boys. Certainly if you are of the Jewish faith, there is no question that you will consider cicrcumcision for your new baby boy. For non-Jews, and non-Moslems, the decision is much more difficult.

New evidence is out that circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. A review of current medical research points out that the medical benefits of circumcision outweigh the risk of the procedure. Circumcised infants are 90
% less liekly than uncircumcised infants to develop urinary tract infections. Later in life, the circumcised boys are at a lower risk of contracting HIV, herpes, penile cancer, and human papilomavirus, which when passed to female partners, can cause cervical cancer. The serious complicaitons occur in only about 0.2 percent of baby boys who under the operation.

Bottom Line: The circumcision decision is often difficult for most parents to make. I suggest you speak to your pediatrician and obstetrician about the “prime cut.”

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4 Responses to “Deciding Upon the Prime Cut- The Circumcision Decision”

  1. Gliktch Says:

    “For non-Jews, and non-Moslems, the decision is much more difficult.”

    False. For many loving parents who haven’t been brainwashed, the decision is very, very easy. “Hey, want me to cut up your child’s genitals?” “No, get the hell away from my baby you freak!” See? No need to hem and haw.

    “New evidence is out”[citation needed]

    Please link to this evidence that routine neonatal genital cutting is in any way justified. Showing a slight medical benefit is NOT the same as evidencing a medical *justification*. Guess what, removing the breast buds/tissue of infants (of both genders) will show a remarkable reduction in the incidence of breast cancer when they grow up! Likely a MUCH more marked difference than the effect of genital cutting on UTIs or HIV (1-5% if we believe the pro-cutting sites). That reduction in breast cancer rates would still be too minor a benefit to warrant cutting away healthy, functioning organs and tissue, leaving scarring and less-functional bodies.

    This is even before we touch on the chances of complication – especially in the case of genital cutting, the wound will be exposed constantly to excrement, and you’re foisting unnecessary surgical procedures on an immunocompromised demographic. Even in the ‘best case scenario’, you’re damaging a healthy organ without the consent or best interests of the patient – in violation of primum non nocere (“First, do no harm”).

    “A review of current medical research points out that the medical benefits of circumcision outweigh the risk of the procedure.”

    Absolute bollocks. Please show me the research or statistics which shows ANY benefit of doing this procedure on non-consenting infants, instead of waiting till age 12 or 13+ (still *before* most people in first-world countries become sexually active), when the patient can make some kind of informed decision. Instead of waffling on about HIV transmission reduction (which has only been shown as significant in studies which have been methodologically questionable or outright doctored), or HPV/Herpes, perhaps your focus should be on infants and preteens not having sex with infected persons?? What ARE the rates for penile cancer amongst preteens, by the way? Is that a serious problem, worthy of routine infant penile-reduction surgery? Even in adults, penile cancer has an annual incidence of only 1 in 250,000 in my country (Australia) – are you honestly trying to argue that it’s ‘medically justified’ to surgically remove the functioning prepuce of those other 249,999 patients, against their will and without their consent, to *reduce* (not eliminate) the chance of that one incidence?

    “Circumcised infants are 90% less liekly than uncircumcised infants to develop urinary tract infections.”

    I’m not sure if you ‘liek’ actually basing your opinions on facts and research, but according to a bit of searching, the rate of UTIs in the first year of life is about 1-2% in developed countries. The rate of non-minor complications from circumcision (including infections, and including UTIs!) is put conservatively at 2%. 2-10% depending on how you grade severity of complications, but pro-cutting sites tend to use 2% so for the sake of argument I’ll go with that. Are you seeing the fallacy of your position yet?

    In 2013, 4700 new cases and 900 deaths were attributable to labial cancer in the USA. That’s 1.5 in 100,000 cases plus 1.3 in 250,000 deaths. Surely you’ll now also advocate for removal of the (infant) female labia to combat this epidemic? Ugh.

    I can only hope that some parent(-to-be) reads this post of mine and subsequently recognises that cutting their baby son would be a barbaric and unnecessary act (and I don’t even have the energy to go into the details of how it’s only culturally normalised because of the influence of religions in which it’s revered as a blood sacrifice to a stone-age wargod). If one kid’s future as a fully-sexually-functioning adult is preserved because of what I’ve written here, then it was worth my time.

    Some references for the above figures (see the inline citations on the linked sites as well):

    And you call yourself a doctor. Please educate yourself, sir!

    – Matthew

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