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For the Golfer Who Has It All-His Bladder Will Also Say Thank You For The Uro-Club

June 29, 2011

This may sound like a joke, but it’s not. A Board Certified Urologist, practicing in Florida, a place where golf is played year round developed this novel solution that impacts so many men on the golf course.  Urinary frequency (a condition that can begin in men, as early as their mid 30’s, and usually due to prostate enlargement) is something that can change the quality of man’s life. Even if you don’t have this problem, let’s face it, there are not too many bathrooms on the golf course.

These are the very patients that inspired the urologist to create the UroClub™.  A camouflaged portable urinal, designed to be discrete, sanitary and create an air of privacy! It looks like an ordinary golf club and comes equipped with a unique removable golf towel clipped to the shaft that functions as a privacy shield!  Not even your closest partner will know for sure what you are doing!

Imagine, giving the appearance of taking a practice swing with your “putter”, while both privately and confidentially, you are able to relieve yourself and your bladder without any embarrassment! This can be accomplished easily while standing by the golf cart and even at the concession stand so you can buy another beer, as well. Have the confidence to drink whatever you wish during your game and not worry if you’ll make it to the clubhouse in time!


Bottom Line: I don’t play golf and I haven’t tried the UroClub but I think it sounds like a unique approach to a problem that affects so many middle age golfers.  This club could keep you out of the “woods”!  Fore!*

* a warning during a golf game when it appears possible that a golf ball may hit other players or spectators