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Use It Or Lose It-A Novel Way To Increase The Length Of A Man’s Penis

August 15, 2011

Men have forever been preoccupied with the length of their penis. Every man who compares the size of his penis to the man next to him standing at a urinal. Now there may be a way to increase the length of man’s penis without medication and without surgery. A study from a urology clinic in Daytona Beach, Florida reported that men could increase the length of their penis by two inches using a vacuum device. The device is a tube that is placed over the penis and the air is evacuated by a hand-held pump or by a battery operated pump that removes the air around the penis allowing more blood to enter the erection chambers of the penis. (Shown in the figure below)

In the study the patients are instructed to use a vacuum device once day for 10 minutes. For men with Peyronie’s disease, which is a condition that is associated with angulation of the penis, they recommended that the vacuum device should be used twice daily. Thomas Sellers, a physician assistant in the practice of Dr. Martin Dineen, identified this penile lengthening procedure. Mr. Sellers noted that those who were using the vacuum erection device for longer than 10 minutes a day did not appear to gain any additional length, and those who were using it for a shorter period were not getting as much of a return as they might be.

How does it work? According to Dr. Dineen and his co-author, Dr. Steve Wilson, when a patient does not have an erection for a long time, the tissues in the penis become shorter. The idea behind the pump is that it stretches these tissues in the penis back to their normal length gradually. It is like having their arm in a cast for 8 weeks. The muscles in the arm with shrink in size and it will take weeks or even months of exercise to have the arm return to its normal size. The same applies to the penis that doesn’t become erect and fill with blood on a regular basis. The penis will become smaller and the vacuum erection device functions as penis exerciser and will return the penis to its normal size.

Bottom Line: There are no medications that have been scientifically proven to increase the size of a man’s penis. However, a non-invasive, non-surgical solution may exist using a vacuum erection device.